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July 30 - September 10

OPENING RECEPTION: July 30th, 6-9pm
  CLOSING RECEPTION: September 10, 6-9pm

Puppet and mask art has taken root in the Twin Cities over the past 3-4 decades giving rise for theaters and groups like In the Heart of the Beast Puppetry and Mask Theatre, The Puppetry Arts Studio, Barebones Productions, Bedlam Theater, Open Eye Figure Theater, Full Moon Puppet Cabaret, Puppet Farm Arts, Z Puppets, and Puppet Lab to name a few. We have reached out to this community of artists to show their work at Modus Locus!

Masks bring storytelling and theater to life, and through these masks, these artists have revealed themselves as a spectrum of characters ranging from gods and spirits to demons, animals, and ordinary people. This timeless tradition of masking can have the power to transcend time, identity, and the physical realm by embodying any face of the human condition. 

The artists in this exhibit have opened their vaults and dusted off old gems and characters from past local productions. These masks have taken on a life of their own on the walls and shelves of these artists' homes/studios/storage rooms and will now embody the characters they once portrayed on the walls of Modus Locus. 

This group exhibition runs from July 30th through September 10th and features Sandy Spieler, Alison Heimstead, Daniel Polnau, Gustavo Boada, Allen Christian, Maila Burkhart, Moonear Khar,  Soozin Hirschmugl,  Mary Plaster, Patty Gille and more!

Modus Locus strives to provide a safe and beautiful space for hosting classes and workshops focused on positive change, creative expression, and playful interaction.

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