November 10, 2018 - December 1, 2018

The body of work in this exhibition has evolved to emphasize the importance of water. Mercedes is currently working through the meaning of water as an unknown space, which gives us life and also takes it; a place for leisure, but also uncertainty. Like a dream or a memory, water is an in-between space that divides and reflects; opaque and translucent, dense and weightless, ordinary and also mystical. It is a body we perpetually inhabit, observant and absorbent.

Mercedes’ artistic interests have emerged from experiencing life as an immigrant, which led her to face issues of identity and belonging from a young age. After living in the United States for many years, dissatisfied and searching for answers, Mercedes moved back to her native country, Argentina. In an exploration of space and self, she backpacked through different parts of South America and after one year, this nomadic living resulted in a strong desire towards grounding and settlement that guided her back to the United States. Upon arrival, a traumatic bicycle accident, part of series of contradictory and unprecedented events, left Mercedes speechless and ambivalent, but with a strange sense of clarity. Her latest body of work, ENTRECUERPOS, has emerged from those experiences, where she is observing surroundings more sensibly, and depicting physical bodies in a blend of natural and imaginary settings

Mercedes Llanos, born 1992 in Mar del Plata, Argentina, is a visual artist focused on painting and muralism.  Mercedes obtained her BFA in Studio Art in May 2015 from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where she began her career as an artist, teaching and collaborating with different art organizations such as Artsbuild and Mark Making.  In 2015, she worked with Meg Saligman Studios to create the 42,179 sq ft M.L. King District Mural in Chattanooga, TN. Upon completion, she backpacked through Argentina and Chile where she created various murals and paintings while living and volunteering at different locations.  In 2017, after a month-long Artist Residency at Sachaqa Centro de Arte in the Amazonian Jungle of Peru, Mercedes returned to the United States to continue pursuing and developing her career as an artist. She is currently based in Minneapolis, MN, where she works with the mural team GoodSpace Murals.  Mercedes has been a resident at renown Vermont Studio Center, and will begin her MFA degree in Painting at Hunter College, NYC, in January 2019.

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