Origins: Meditations On The Sources That Connect Us All

Margarita Sikorskaia returns after a ten-year hiatus from public viewings to deliver a collection of work of tremendous power delivered in exquisite subtlety.

Sikorskaia’s canvases open a world revealing the interconnectedness of all beings, inviting you to a world of relationship and connection, of stillness and revelation. These paintings are meditative exchanges, evoking subtle but deep emotions, absorbing you into their state of being as you absorb them into yours.

Once imbued with Sikorskaia’s ensouled world, you will never want to leave.

We hope this experience will invoke the feelings of belonging in all of you, our friends. Let us wander together in contemplation of the origins from which we emerged… which are all, ultimately, one source.

Opening reception February 16, 7-10pm.

February 16-March 15, 2019