Modus Locus is a flex-use space that hosts gallery shows, workshops and events. It is a place to celebrate arts and events by local residents, and guests from around the world.

Modus Locus's mission is to inspire and activate healthier communities through interaction by conscious, creative activities and conversations.

Our philosophy is to nurture a space that is accessible and inviting to our diverse and ever changing community. 

Through new programs such as "Free classes led by your neighbors" and work share programs we are fostering an environment where people truly feel they can be accepted unhindered by financial abilities. All art openings are free of charge to view and interact with the art.  Most of the yoga contributions are based on "Dana" the Buddhist principle of joyful giving.

Gallery/Co-Office Space -  A modest space that has unlimited possibilities. We have wheelchair accessibility and an accessible bathroom.

Art Garden - A new addition to MoLo that proudly hosts Summer Cypher, yoga classes, dinner parties, and outdoor fundraisers (to start). 

Listening Room - Speakeasy vibe, poetry readings, storytelling, open mic, experimental musings.




Ephraim Eusebio
REALTOR/Manager of Lakes Area Realty, Powderhorn Park Branch

Director of Modus Locus