Calley Bliss


Calley Bliss (Yoga Alliance RYT-200) teaches yoga with the approach that the science of the mind is intrinsically connected to the state of the body. Learning, and re-patterning that state is often an emotional journey by way of a physical practice. The practice is always a practical tool to combat life’s challenges, and find opportunity for growth, health, and progress for your body and life. Calley has lived, practiced, and studied across the US, with gratitude for the guidance of her teachers: Siri Cavanna (New York City- Anusara),Christina Reich (New York City- Ashtanga), Gretchen Arguedas (Boise, ID- Ashtanga), and Laurel Van Matre (Minneapolis, MN- Alignment). Her thirteen-year practice guides her teaching at her Minneapolis yoga home, YOGA Garden MPLS.

Calley’s yoga journey started innocently in 2002 at her university’s rec. center in Denton, TX. Yoga would become her most powerful and versatile implement in the “life toolbox,” helping to deal with bouts of anxiety, depression, stress, and enabling her to stop being reliant on medications and shots for chronic allergies. As a musician and voice over artist, she has traveled the US, UK, and the Caribbean, and worked with brands such as General Mills, New Balance, and several smaller agencies and production companies. For creative work, see


Serita Colette

Owner, SeritaYoga
Yoga Teacher, Social Justice Activist

Serita recognized dance at an early age as means to express her imaginative voice.  It was through yoga that she awakened her innate capacity to live her truth and be present in her community.  In 2009, Serita studied Kathakali under Kalamandalam Shiva Das in Kerala, India.  While living in her homeland, Serita realized the incredible healing power yoga had to offer.  Upon her return to the U.S., her desire to yoke body movement and social justice with her Indian roots became the precipice from which she launched herself into radical self-care. Serita has since completed 250 hours of yoga teacher-training in Minneapolis and continues to study yoga under the guidance of Ben Vincent in his 9-month Advanced Yoga Studies program.  Her styles combine Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga and Talking Circles as a methodology for reflection and community gathering.

Serita is passionate about building sangha (a yogic community), within communities of color.  She also loves collaborating with artists in the Twin Cities in dance and music.  She is an ally/activist in ongoing Manoomin seed sovereignty, Black Lives Matter, and women of color movements in Minnesota.  For more information about Serita and the services she offers in the Twin Cities, visit her website:


Ben Vincent

Owner, Vincent Yoga

Ben’s search for truth began long before being exposed to yoga, but yoga felt like com­ing home. His stud­ies include var­i­ous tra­di­tions of yoga, med­i­ta­tion, mys­ti­cism, music, phi­los­o­phy, con­flict res­o­lu­tion and sus­tain­able farm­ing. He con­tin­ues to study with Richard Free­man, Rod Stryker, William Prot­tengeier, and Aadil Palkhivala, and have also stud­ied with the mae­stro Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. Through these rela­tion­ships, he has learned that the art of teach­ing is to inspire a love of the prac­tice, for great teach­ers are always students.

Ben’s teach­ing is a reflec­tion of his prac­tice – inte­grat­ing the breath & ener­getic aware­ness of Ash­tanga Vinyasa & pranayama, the bod­ily align­ment of Iyen­gar yoga, and the mind­ful­ness and sub­tle aware­ness of var­i­ous med­i­ta­tive and philo­soph­i­cal tra­di­tions — to real­ize inte­gral well-being. Self-inquiry through yoga, med­i­ta­tion and music as liv­ing arts, has deep­ened the expe­ri­ence of what it is to be human and divine. He seeks to embody these real­i­ties through the sim­ple truths of love, com­pas­sion, and non-attachment.

To share the wis­dom of yoga as a teacher, is both a bless­ing and great respon­si­bil­ity, as there is no greater ser­vice than the work of love.

For more information about Ben and the services he offers visit his website: