Can you imagine feeling free to move forward with your full potential, uninhibited by the past? What would it feel like to have all that energy at your disposal? To experience life from the healthiest part of yourself?

Systemic Constellations (Family Constellations, Trauma Constellations, Constellations of the Intention, etc.) allow us to see and heal patterns here and now. Patterns that are based in experiences and trauma that may not even be our own.

Based in Bert Hellinger's Family Constellations, the Constellation of the Intention--developed by Franz Ruppert--is a client-guided method of constellating that keeps the power in the hands of the client, contained in their intention, and guided by the facilitator. Representatives embody different aspects of the client's intention. This allows the client to see the dynamics of the (often inter-generational) pattern, and lets healing movement change that pattern in the present moment.