Local artist KNZ brings us an art installation that explores the spirit of her ancestral family through studying the natal chart, ancient astrology and the astrological planetary counterparts to 12 of the Orishas, spirits of the Yoruba religious belief. 

By looking at our natal chart and comparing it to those of our ancestors, we can pick out solar and lunar themes, sign and chart patterns that tell our family story; the astrological echoes running through bloodlines. 

Ancestral astrology is a star map that leads us to ways of knowing the story of the family, ancestral patterns and how to heal generational traumas. 

In collaboration with two creative wizards and local multi-media artists, Miko Simmons and MMYYKK, the show will feature an astral navigation full wall animation by Simmons, with an original cosmic soundscape by MMYYKK, to create a full sensory experience.

EXHIBITION - September 8- September 27

OPENING RECEPTION  August 8, 8-11pm

VIEWING HOURS - Saturdays 2-6pm and by appointment


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