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Daniel Polnau: Iron Teeth - 13 Baba Yaga Huts Opening Night

Daniel Polnau:
Iron Teeth - 13 Baba Yaga Huts

Deep in the forest you will encounter the ancient Slavic, crone-witch Baba Yaga. Her hut is atop chicken legs and is ever spinning. She has iron teeth, bony legs, and a long, long nose. TAKE CARE! She WILL test you! She will ask if you came of your own accord, or if you were sent by another- CAREFUL- you may end up in her soup pot!

Baba Yaga is the goddess of wisdom and death found in Slavic folklore. She is also found in Russia, Finland, Poland, the Czech Republic and beyond. She dwells deep in the forest in a hut and may help or hinder those that encounter or seek her out. She may play a maternal role and has associations with forest wildlife.

Daniel lives in an alchemical laboratory overbrimming with found objects ripe with possibilities - a curious ephemera collected in Bali, New Orleans, N.Y.C./Dead horse Bay, Moscow and on rail tracks and riverbeds and abandoned buildings near you. His work is cobbled together from this improbable collection. Many of these pieces were originally employed in experimental puppet theatre: He has come to see puppets and masks as "bird nests for spirits.” He invites us to imagine them live onstage accompanied by otherworldly music.

In this exhibition, Daniel conjures decades these collected objects and sensibilities to fashion incredibly intricate and whimsical Baba Yaga Hut sculptures that are stories in their own right.

Also featuring the world premier of
“Bufonem-Oculus-Soniums Catacomb” or
“Toad-Eye-Dreams Catacomb”
a labyrinthian, experiential, basement installation.
(not for the weak hearted.)

Be sure to travel down to the innards of the Modus Locus basement to immerse yourself in the Catacomb with additional psychologems, alchemical oddities, curiosities, and a menagerie of animistic assemblages!

EXHIBITION - August 4- September 1

OPENING RECEPTION - August 4, 6-9pm

VIEWING HOURS - Saturdays 2-6pm and by appointment