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The Alter

Beginning in October we’ll be curating a new conceptual oh so open-mic series, created and focused on the Bipoc ( Black-indigenous people of color ) artists of the Twin Cities. What & who we’re interested in are: Afrofuturists, poets, songwriters, Spoken word smiths, conjurers, lovers, essayists, story writers, musicians, playwrights, spiritualists,sapiosexuals, novelists, those that just LOVE to groove, are interested in building newness, and seeking an explorative atmosphere in which to stretch in. We are here to nurture the seasoned, as well as, the up and coming on the “scene”. All Bipoc are welcomed to attend, and participate.

We’re looking to book & host a featured artist or two for the introductory night of October 26th. So if you’re interested....feel free to connect us.