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Photography Exhibition: “TENKI” – Kathleen Ambre -OPENING RECEPTION

EXHIBITION – September 28 2018 – September 30 2018
OPENING RECEPTION – September 29, 6:00-8:00 PM
*Regular hours 1:00-5:00PM Saturday and Sunday*

Modus Locus is happy to introduce Kathleen Ambre, a local photographer, designer, writer, and visual storyteller. 

This past December, Kathleen worked alongside non-profit organization OC Ministries to document current projects in the small village of Baiwala, Sierra Leone. OC Ministries is a non-profit mission in Minnesota ministering to the minds, bodies and spirits of children in developing countries. Currently, OC Ministries is collaborating with Rev. Judith Banya to build a new secondary school for the children in the village. Currently, Rev. Banya leads the Baiwala United Methodist Church, and coordinates a feeding program for over 500 children at the local primary school. 

Kathleen’s photography exhibition titled: “Tenki” (“thank you” in Sierra Leonean Creole or Krio) showcases the names and faces of the many vibrant children she met in Baiwalla. 

Artist Statement:
“Over the years, many stories have been unveiled to me; I have learned to make myself more susceptible to their impact. Stories of joy, struggle, passion, and resiliency–collectively they shape my understanding of the world around me.

Through the people and incredible organizations I have had the pleasure to collaborate with professionally, I’ve learned to articulate the stories of others and continue to cultivate my passion for photography.

Through this medium, I have always felt compelled to capture and share the beautiful moments of consolation I witness in the people I meet, and attempt to transform those moments of desolation into awareness and action.”