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Forgiveness: Are You Kidding? with Nancy Van Dyken

Have you been hurt so deeply by someone that you simply cannot forgive? If so, you're not alone. You have a choice.


This workshop offers tools to a path to:

Freedom from the pain and imprisonment of past events;

Freedom from the endless repetition of resentful thoughts;

Freedom to live your life in the present, with all its possibilities, rather than in the past, with all its old hurts;

Freedom to move toward the life you most want to live;

An open heart full of love, caring, kindness, compassion, and respect -- a heart that is ready to forgive.

After pain, suffering and loss, forgiveness often seems hard to come by. We all know we need to forgive, but we don't have the tools to help us.

Suggested donation $20. Nancy will donating a portion of the proceeds to benefit The F Word: Stories of Forgiveness installation.