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Forgiveness Circle with Porcshe Peak, Louisa Hext and Ephraim Eusebio

Join Louisa, Porshe and Ephraim for "Real Life Stories of Forgiveness". With its multiple meanings and countless definitions, the subject of forgiveness has always been hotly contested territory. Why do people forgive? Who deserves to be forgiven? How can sharing your story be useful? Can you forgive without an apology? Together, we'll consider how forgiveness can provide a space of enquiry rather than argument, ask questions rather than provide answers, and explore aspects of forgiveness through our individual "real life" stories and The F Word: Stories of Forgiveness currently on exhibition at Modus Locus. 

We will showcase the exhibit and share our stories.

Suggested donation $15-20.   The proceeds will benefit The F Word: Stories of Forgiveness installation.