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Yoga Practice Project with Calley Bliss

January 7th to March 4th, 2017 (9 sessions) We will practice yoga together in a small group (8-10 ppl max), each working toward greater understanding of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually. Learning patterns through observation and repetition, and how those patterns fit within the Tantra yoga method, we may observe our individual experiences in contrast to those of one another as a sort of mirror. As stated by the great practitioner and educator Jon Kabat-Zinn, you cannot simply read about practice to gain its benefits, you have to actually DO it.
Purpose - Sessions are meant as a tool for self-learning and growth, to help develop a solo practice, and have the support to stick with it by way of an intimate group. Staying accountable to ourselves may be a great challenge, as we are often only encouraged to serve others. Tantra teaches us an understanding of the web of our selves, and our capabilities. By practicing we gain insight for greater personal health and functionality within our chosen communities.
Cost - $144 per person for the 9 sessions ($16/session). Payment is for all 9 sessions, regardless of attendance, but please let me know if you would rather pay in installments, or as one lump sum. Payment by credit card, or as a gift certificate is available (with an additional $5 processing fee) online at