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Mid-Day Yoga with James

Mid-Day Yoga is a class that emphasizes alignment, dynamic and mindful movements, intentional core engagement and pranayama (breath work). These practices help bring balance to the body, breath and mind preparing you to re-enter your day refreshed and rejuvenated. This class is for those who may need a mid-day break, not working the traditional hours, just starting or ending your day. This class is open to you regardless of your sex, creed, sexual orientation, gender, religion, race, class, color, socioeconomic status, disability, place of birth or experience level, yoga is for all. Each class will use props such as blocks, straps, bolsters and blankets to help ease and support the body.

This class is based on the Buddhist practice of dana. The instructors freely offer the teachings of yoga to the community and we ask the students respond in this spirit and offer back appropriately.