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Sound Bath with Janelle Klander

Let's get high on the vibrations from my amazing crystal singing bowls. They will bathe you from head to toe and make you feel totally relaxed. (You may fall asleep! But don't worry, it's allowed.) 
How it all works. 
Come in. 
Say hi to me.
A mat and blanket will be waiting for you. 
Get comfy. 
I'll do a ritual to begin. 
You'll put your powerful intention into the mix. 
Lay down. 
I'll put some crystals on you. (They'll help with the healing.)
Then I'll starting singing my bowls! 
You'll quickly be all relaxed. 
More singing bowls...
Then you'lll slowly come back to reality. (It'll be hard!) 
You'll feel relaxed and energized! 
There is limited space since everyone will be laying down. Can't wait to bathe you. :) 
**This is a great way to receive healing without getting an individual session.


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