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Experience the New Oneness Blessing with IntraAwareness

Every time you receive the New Oneness Blessing it will help you:

• Quiet your active mind
• Awaken to the next level
• Move Beyond Unconscious Limitations
• Reinvigorate your Spiritual Path
• Move Towards Your Divine Purpose  

The Oneness Phenomenon is a sacred process that will systematically take you into a deeper state of connection and awareness within yourself.  It works by quieting your conscious mind during a guided meditation and enters your heart space resulting in a sense and experience of your natural state of being which is calm, connected and whole (AKA Oneness).

During this 60-minute guided meditation and spiritual training class, you will have your own personal experience of the power and speed of the Oneness Phenomenon through highly trained Oneness Trainers.  These spiritual experts will gently guide you in a safe, friendly and open transformational environment towards your own personal awakening process.

Does all of this sound great to you? Let this be a message from your higher-self to jump in and join in a class that will bring you greater happiness and light you up as a human being.