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Opening Reception of Linnea's Action Paintings

Linnea Maas was introduced to the concept of Live Painting in 2005 at an event by a local action painter and DJ. The combination of live art and music made for an awe-inspiring and magically creative atmosphere that Linnea had never seen before. Her own debut as a live painter came several years later and her first performance was at Intermedia Arts in February 2008 with Minneapolis rock group, Marvelle. She was hooked on live art and stayed in the group as their only non-musical member until they disbanded in 2011.

Linnea then joined Flared Bass Collective, an intentional community of artists and musicians who put on interactive performance events to get people’s bodies, hearts, and souls moving. She was one of several visual artists joining forces to create art to the electronic music stylings of talented local DJs. Linnea has an ongoing live art project, BRUSH|REED, a collaboration with Boston-based saxophonist Dr Jennifer Bill. BRUSH|REED started in 2009 and has developed as her longest running collaborative project to date. The duo has performed across the US, as well as internationally in Scotland and Hong Kong. BRUSH|REED performed most recently in July at Tanglewood Institute in Lenox, Massachusetts.

Linnea’s current explorations into live music collaborations are in the virtual world where she has started experimenting with 3D painting, a totally revolutionary process. She paints wearing a headset and headphones, moving and drawing in space while DJ Paul Knox mixes live. This collaboration offers even more feedback between artist and musician, as the sound waves actually move the virtual brushstrokes to the beat. The paintings in this exhibit were created as performance pieces. Each artwork was done in front of live audiences, providing visual accompaniment to music by a band, musician, or DJ, and all the paintings were each started and completed during a single performance.

Linnea is currently taking it to the next level by incorporating VR (virtual reality) paintings or immersive digital paintings. This is where one can virtually enter a digitally rendered painting by adorning a viewer headset.  Visitors to this exhibit will have the opportunity to walk into one of a selection of her VR paintings. Prepare to be awed! 

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